Vegetarian Festival Phuket

Tourist Spot in Phuket Town, Phuket, Thailand

Vegetarian Festival Phuket in Phuket Town is just 31.9 km (approximately 56 minutes) away from Bismarcks Paradise – the luxury villas Phuket Estate.

Vegetarian Festival Phuket:

The Vegetarian Festival Phuket is the biggest festival for the Chinese population of Phuket. The name for this festival is wrongly chosen, cause it is really a religion festival for 9 important Chinese gods.

The map shows only the Sapan Hin shrine where most of the processions go. But believer of 24 shrines are celebrating this with processions, fireworks and, and…

These processions are all in Phuket Town and start early morning. The end is around lunch time.

It is worth to go there , but 10.00 is good enough. The best one, we think, is the one from the Jui Tui shrine….about 20 000 believers. You will see a lot of them with swords, spears and… in their body.


2016: 1.10.16 till 9.10.16

2017: 20.10.17 till 28.10.17

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  • Distance (Bismarcks Paradise)31.9 km (56 minutes)
  • Distance (Central Phuket)2.9 km (8 minutes)
  • Opening Hoursover 9 days on different locations
Vegetarian Festival Phuket
Vegetarian Festival Phuket

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