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“You have just arrived on the lovely island of Phuket, and you’re going to want to visit a beach as soon as possible.” With our thorough list of awesome beaches within a short 30-40minute drive (depending traffic) of your hotel in Patong, you won’t waste… Continue reading.

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Best Small Islands with Beaches near Phuket

Many times I have been asked which are the best small islands with beaches near Phuket? The Island of Phuket is surrounded by an extraordinary…

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picture composing of the best phuket beaches on the west coast

Best Phuket Beaches on the West Coast

Phuket Island has some of the most memorable beaches in Thailand and all of Southeast Asia. In the video below, we show you the best…

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Best Phuket Beaches for LGBT Visitors | Phuket Beaches Blog

Top 3 Best Phuket Beaches for LGBT Visitors

Which beaches are the best Phuket beaches for LGBT visitors? If you’re looking for an exceptionally beautiful alternative lifestyle friendly place to vacation by yourself…

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Best Phuket Beaches for Golfers

7 Best Phuket Beaches for Golfers

The Best Phuket Beaches for Golfers? Which beaches are close to the best golfing courses on Phuket? Find the best accommodations to stay near the…

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Beach picture composing for blog Best Private Phuket Beaches

Phuket’s 8 Best Private Beaches

Best Private Phuket Beaches If there’s one post you should read in our Phuket Beaches Series, this one is it! Here we tell you about…

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Best Phuket Beaches for Retirees / Seniors

Best Phuket Beaches for Retired Visitors

You’re retired, or feel like you are, and want to know all the best Phuket beaches to find what you’re looking for. In the following…

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Top Phuket Beaches for families with kids (ages 12-18)

4 Top Phuket Beaches for Families with Kids (Ages 12-18)

4 Top Phuket Beaches for Families with Kids (Ages 12-18). If you’re traveling with kids 12-18 years old to Phuket Island, you’ll want to know…

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5 Best Phuket Beaches for Families with Kids under 12

5 Best Phuket Beaches for Families with Kids under 12

Searching for the 5 Best Phuket Beaches for Families with Kids under 12? Your search has ended! You can stop searching for Phuket family resorts…

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best phuket surfing beaches

17 Best Phuket Surfing Beaches

Yes, it’s possible to surf on Phuket!  Waves reach 3 meters (10 feet)! Here are the 17 best Phuket surf beaches you can try for…

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4 Best Phuket Beaches for Singles in 2018

4 Best Phuket Beaches for Singles

To save you some time, we’ve made a list of the top Phuket beaches and where to stay for single visitors to the island of…

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Amazing Phuket Beaches within Minutes of Patong Beach

10 Amazing Phuket Beaches near Patong Beach

“You have just arrived on the lovely island of Phuket, and you’re going to want to visit a beach as soon as possible.” With our…

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All Phuket Beaches | Phuket Beaches Blog

Like you’ve never seen before, we cover all Phuket Beaches. Yes, no kidding, we really cover all 54 Phuket Beaches in this Phuket Beaches Blog!

Phuket beaches are world renowned as some of the most beautiful in the world. You’re probably coming to Phuket at least in part, for that reason! White sand, small waves or sometimes glassy, and the ultimate in relaxation or wild nightlife… all describe the beaches you’ll find on Phuket Island. With over 50 beaches to choose from, you’re going to have an incredibly good vacation. You’ve picked the right spot!

Phuket Island – What is it?
Phuket Island is one of the smallest provinces of Thailand, and the largest island in the country by far. Thailand’s next biggest island is Koh Samui off the coast of Surat Thani, at around half the size of Phuket. Most islands are hilly, and Phuket is no exception with seventy-percent of the island being mountainous and hilly, and the rest is plains and valleys where most people live. Phuket is absolutely filled with amazing beaches you and your family can explore. Read on to find out more!

Where is Phuket?
Phuket island is a 49-kilometer-long amoeba-shaped island in the Andaman Sea just south of Phang Nga province and connected by the Sarasin bridge. Krabi province is east of Phuket across Phang Nga Bay at only 34 kilometers by air. There is no flight connecting the two places, presumably to allow taxis and boat ferries to make money as well as the airlines. If you want to fly to Phuket from Krabi, you’ll need to fly 800 kilometers to Bangkok, then 800 km. back down to Phuket. If it seems ridiculous, well, this won’t be the last thing you’re scratching your head about after arriving! You’ll be happy to know there are direct flights from Phuket to Koh Samui and Pattaya.

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