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Alex 2 Beach is a small beach that is out of the way, and not usually packed with people. If you want to get away from Patong, this is about as far as you can get. How this beach came to be named Alex 2 – is anyone’s guess. Someone knows the story, but we cannot find it online. If you know, let us know!

Alex 2 Beach Clubs

There is no Beach Club at Alex 2 Beach

Alex 2 Beach Restaurants / Bars

There are no Restaurants or Bars at Alex 2 Beach

Alex 2 Beach Accommodations

There are no Accommodations at Alex 2 Beach

Alex 2 Beach Facts

  • Location in Phuket: The very southern point of Phuket, and the southernmost beach is Alex 2 Beach. If you go south on Highway 3047 to Soi Chado Road and go south, you’ll hit the beach after the road dead-ends.
  • GPS Data: 07° 45` 33” N, 98° 18` 45” E
  • Distance to Patong / Phuket Town / Airport in km: 21 / 19 / 50
  • Taxis available: No
  • Surrounding Beaches: Going west around Promthep Cape, you’ll find Yanui Beach. Going east, you don’t need to go far to find Pak Pahng Beach.
  • Direction Facing: Southeast.
  • Beach Length: 175 meters (191 yd.)
  • Beach Width: 18 meters at the widest point (20 yd.)
  • Estimated Beach Area: 3’150 m2 (3,767 square yd.)
  • Beach Quality: The sand is nice, there are large rocks all over the beach, and it adds to the country environment.
  • Ocean Bottom: Covered with rocks and coral – not great for swimming, but snorkeling is good when the waves are flat.
  • Restroom / showers facilities? None, bring some freshwater to rinse off with if going in the water.
  • Beach features: Alex 2 is a rocky beach that is great for sitting around and enjoying the solitude of southern Phuket. The trees behind the beach are dense, and there will probably not be many people around.
  • Lifeguard Available? No
  • Sunbeds Available? None here
  • Umbrellas? None
  • Public or Private? Entrance fees? Public, no fee. Better to come by longtail boat.
  • Water quality: Very Good
  • Boat anchorage possible? No – too many rocks, too shallow.
  • Boat dock and marina? N/A
  • Longtail boat rental possible? No
  • Speedboat/longtail boat tours possible? No/No
  • Sea inflow:: No
  • Slope into sea until 1m deep: 4-8m
  • Convenience shop available? No
  • Attractions: It’s easy to visit one of the most popular natural attractions on Phuket Island before or after you see Alex 2 Beach. Go see Promthep Cape, just west of Alex 2 Beach
  • Activities: Whatever you bring to do! Bring a flying disc; bring a drone to take video and photos of the shore (register with Thai police first); bring snorkeling gear, and don’t forget to bring a beach mat.
  • FKK possible? Not permitted, but if empty…
  • Massage available? No
  • Picnic possible? Yes
  • Surfing? None, too rocky.
  • Smoking? In November Thailand is cracking down on smoking at beaches around the country. In November 2017 in Phuket, Patong Beach is affected. Soon they expect to make it a country-wide smoking ban – so do stay up to date because fines are high and can include prison time.
  • Warnings: As with any remote beach, personal safety is something you cannot take for granted in Phuket or anywhere in Southeast Asia. If there is nobody on the beach, you might not want to be there yourself. It’s always a good idea to go in a group.
  • Waste runoff into the sea? Yes

More about Alex 2 Beach

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