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Sun bed rental is back in Phuket! I know, if you weren’t here, you didn’t even miss them. Thing is, the rest of us sure did! Now they’re back (for how long?), and supposedly it’s a trial program to see if it works. The problem was corruption on the part of officials managing the program. All that has been rooted out now (they say) and it’s business as usual in the sun bed world. Sort of. Ten percent of the major beaches space, which used to be absolutely covered in beach chairs and sun umbrellas, has been allocated for sun bed and umbrella rentals – no more. That cuts down considerably on the amount of space for tourists to enjoy the comfort of a nice beach chair, but we have to take what we can get – right?

Patong Beach, Kata, Karon, Surin, and other well-known and high-traffic beaches all have chairs and umbrellas back; and if you get there early you can get one for the day.

People like the sun bed on the beach idea because they feel pampered. We remember days where we never left our chairs – because we never had to! Touts walked by with fresh fruit, silly gimmicks like wooden frogs croaking, lightweight sarongs for ladies with elephant and other cool designs, and barbecued chicken, squid (delicious!), shrimp, and anything else you can cook on a grill! Top it all off with ice-cold beer or wine-coolers, and it made a trip to the beach a day in itself. There wasn’t a reason to leave! * As mentioned previously, the law regarding sun bed rental (and so forth) on the beach had a tendency to change quite often the last few years. We will try our best to keep the information on this page as accurate as possible. Thank you for your understanding. *

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