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If you have family or a friend with you on vacation, you might want to pack some food in a backpack and head out to a beach for a picnic. Sounds like a good idea, right? It can be. But which beach would you choose to go for a picnic in Phuket? There are a lot of beaches!

If you wanted to go somewhere you could see beaches and not necessarily eat right there on the beach – you could go to Promthep Cape and eat your picnic food on the concrete wall there overlooking the stunning views of the bay, cliffs, yachts and catamarans. It’s a little far to drive but it has a unique atmosphere that you might enjoy, depending what you’re looking for in a picnic spot.

A more traditional beach spot for a picnic in Phuket would be Surin Beach! Though the military removed all the restaurants there and kicked all the businesses out – I’m sure they haven’t cut all the trees down yet. They didn’t, right? The ideal beach for a picnic has some shady trees and sand underneath where you can spread a big blanket, beach mat or towels. The weather should be cool, ideally, so you should go after a rain or in the morning if you can. Probably a breakfast picnic would be the most enjoyable but, if you can’t wake up for it, lunch at a beach after a light monsoon rain should be perfect!

What would you eat at a picnic in Phuket at the beach?

A stop at the morning market, or some sort of market, is in order. Pick up some fresh fruits – there are vendors who sell them pre-cut for you, which is quite convenient and less messy. Also at the market, they might have a fruit smoothies for sell – grab one of those with watermelon, or tri the typical orange smoothie which is quite thirst quenching.

Top it off with some barbecue meats on a stick – chicken (gai bping), pork (moo bping) or squid (pla-meuk bping) if you can find it!

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