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Phuket Island has some of the best scenic beaches in all of Asia. As locals, we have spent time at them all, but there are a few we highly recommend outside of the usual Patong Beach and Kata Beach, two beaches you’ll probably visit by default because they are in the main areas.

Surin Beach is really special, in our eyes. It’s a clean beach with thick sand and the water is free of coral you can cut your feet on. In years past, they had local restaurants built right up under the trees and it was a great place to sit and have meals or drinks. Today it is no longer there, it has been taken down by the 'authority' and yet there are still places you can get food and take to the beach for a picnic. The shade trees and relatively close location to Patong Beach make this a favorite getaway!

Scenic Paradise Beach is on the other side of Patong Beach, going south. It was barely passable for years but now you can drive over the hill without too much trouble. As you come down the steep hill to Paradise Beach, you’ll see an amazing scenic beach oasis with restaurant, restrooms, chairs to lounge on and a picture-perfect little beach that’s great for kids or adults! A short walk over a small hill brings you to a snorkeling paradise which you had better have your camera for!

Banana Beach (aka: Banana Rock Beach) has become really popular recently and it is another one you shouldn’t miss. Located in the middle of Bangtao and Nai Thon beaches, it will take a little effort to reach but your reward will be worth it! The path leading to the beach from where you park is reminiscent of little beaches on Maui or Kauai, and when the scene opens up in front of you – you’ll be no less amazed! There is a restaurant with seafood specialties and a lovely view. Don’t forget your snorkeling gear and waterproof camera as there are many little fish and other animals to see just under the surface.

If you’re looking for a scenic beach in Phuket, don’t miss at least one of these Phuket beaches!

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Nai Thon Noi Beach Phuket - small beach south of the main Nai Thon Beach

Nai Thon Noi Beach

Nai Thon Noi Beach is a small west-facing beach about 80 meters (87 yards) long and located just sou

Pak Pahng Beach | One of over 50 Phuket Beaches

Pak Pahng Beach

Pak Pahng Beach is located around 500 meters (547 yards) from the southernmost tip of Phuket Island.

Chalong Bay Beach Phuket | Chalong Phuket

Chalong Bay Beach

Chalong Bay Beach? Chalong Bay is comprised of a couple of small beaches that stretch from the Phuke

Iguana Beach Phuket with the popular Iguana Beach Bar

Iguana Beach Phuket

Going north along Patong/Kalim Beach and following Highway 4233, in just five short minutes you’ll f

Yae Beach

Yae Beach

Yae Beach is a small beach on the west side of Phuket Island, just 3.7 km. northwest of Patong Beach

Rang Yai Island Phuket | small island around Phuket

Rang Yai Island | Koh Rang Yai

Rang Yai Island (aka Koh Rang Yai) is a small forty square meters private island just off the easter

Sai Kaew Beach Phuket | Haad Sai Kaew (White Sand Beach)

Sai Kaew Beach

Sai Kaew Beach ? At the most northern tip of the western side of Phuket Island, you’ll find this lov

Ao Yon beach

Ao Yon Beach

Ao Yon Beach is located close to the deep sea port on the Island of Phuket, Thailand. As unexpected

Surin Beach

Surin Beach

Surin Beach is a beach on the west coast of the island of Phuket, between Kamala Beach and Bangtao B


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