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Phuket is surrounded by the stunning Andaman Sea, and the depth varies quite a bit. This leads to some great snorkelling in Phuket, making it another great activity for kids or even people who don’t swim! Flotation devices are provided by most (all?) tour outfits in Phuket, so you can feel free to ask for one if you are not totally confident in your swimming abilities.

On some days, especially between the calm water months of November through April each year, snorkelling in Phuket in the waters off the beaches can be crystal clear and filled with sea-life. During the other months of the year, the water can be rough because of the monsoon season with its high winds and murky water.

Wetsuits are for vacationers in New Zealand, and you won’t see anybody wearing them in Phuket – the water is baby-wash warm and pleasant for hours of snorkelling, if you have the energy!

There are many options for a snorkelling trip, starting with a day cruise on a yacht or catamaran. They offer it as part of the package in some cases, so you can kill two birds with one stone, so to speak.

Another option is to sign up for a snorkelling tour with an agency. There are so many on Phuket that we aren’t even going to start naming them. Every tour agent you see on the street, or in your hotel, will know where you can book a van that will pick you up in front of your hotel and drive you to one of the many great snorkelling beaches in Phuket.

Or you could just go yourself. You can bring your own mask,snorkel and fins with you on your vacation, or rent them when you arrive at some of the biggest beaches. The rental equipment at beaches is not going to be great quality, so you may want to purchase some or go to a dive/snorkel shop and rent some from them.

Some of the top snorkelling beaches in Phuket are: Ao Sane Beach, Paradise Beach, Banana Beach, Rang Yai Beach, Wae Island, Freedom Beach and Yanui Beach!

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Naka Noi Island Phuket | small island around Phuket

Naka Noi Island

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Koh Bon Island

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Rang Yai Island Phuket | small island around Phuket

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Hong Island

Hong Island

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Krating Beach (Jungle Beach) | Phuket Beaches

Krating Beach

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Tri Trang Beach 2

Tri Trang Beach 2

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Laem Ka Yai Beach

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