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If you’re a pizza aficionado and you’re wondering what the prospects look like for visiting a mouth-watering pizzeria in Phuket – you’re going to be quite happy with what we’re about to tell you!

In Phuket, and even Thailand-wide, there are some mind-blowing pizza shops as, luck would have it, Italians like living in Thailand too, just like the rest of us! If the town you’re in is a tourist town, you’ll find a dozen pizzerias. If you’re lucky enough to be on an island named “Phuket”, you’ll find over fifty places serving pizza; and we’d wager that just under half of those would be decent pizza at that!

Everyone likes their pizza done in different ways, so you might have to try a few places to see which one is your preference, but we’re sure you’re going to find at least one pizzeria in Phuket that appeals to your fine sense of taste!

Most of us enjoy pizza made by Italian chefs straight from Sicily or Turin, but actually our taste for pizza comes from what we grew up with and probably what other people told us was good. If you grew up in the states and are accustomed to pizza a certain way, than that’s what will strike you as perfect pizza. If you grew up in Italy, it’s the same. There are regional differences in Italy too. One area may like pizza sauce a certain way. Others from further north prefer it substantially different.

Here are a couple of the pizza places in Phuket which typically get great reviews:
- Pizzeria AGLI AMICI da Michele & Jimmy – Chalong, Phuket. Ranked #1 pizza restaurant of 166 other pizza restaurants in Phuket. Must be good, right? Don’t worry, we’re going to find out!
- Acqua Restaurant Kalim – in Kalim. This restaurant is one of the best in Phuket, not only for pizza, but for many entrees.
- Twin Brothers in Bangtao, Phuket. This little pizza place has great pizzas and other delicious items. Try it!

So, go find your perfect pizzeria in Phuket. It’s out there, and it’s calling your name. Go get some!

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Acqua Restaurant Kalim

Acqua Restaurant Kalim

Acqua Restaurant Kalim belongs to the TOP International Restaurants in Phuket. Acqua Restaurant Kali

Zouza Pizzeria

Zouza Pizzeria

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Agli Amici

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Lee's Pizzeria

Lee’s Pizzeria

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Cut Grill Cherngtalay

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Salvatore Restaurant

Salvatore Restaurant

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Twin Brothers

Twin Brothers Restaurant

Twin Brothers is most known for its delicious handmade pizza. Formally a resident at Surin Beach, th


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