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For those who wish to truly get to know Phuket better and immerse themselves in Thai culture, we suggest venturing around one of the many markets, like a Local Fresh Market, here on this beautiful island. These fresh markets, or "talaad sod" as they are locally known, offer a wonderful abundance of fresh meats, produces, spices and cooked foods as well as the standard jeans, shoes, handbags and handicrafts. Whether you are out buying your weekly groceries or searching for a new pair of flip flops these wonderfully stocked and aromatic markets have exactly what you need.

The difference between a Local Fresh Market and a weekend market is that the local market is always in the same place and opens and closes at the same time every day. While every market is unique on its own charming way they mostly offer the same items and products as other local markets. Local markets are almost always overflowing with fresh produce picked daily such as carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, onions as well as barrel after barrel of fresh and dried herbs and spices that take your sense on aromatic adventure through the history of Thai cuisine. One of the finer aspect of these markets is the meat table where some of the finest pork beef and chicken has been expertly prepared and laid with pride on each vendors table. Another prideful fare is Phuket renowned seafood, caught daily and conveying the rich culture of Thailand's fishing history.

While the  Fresh Markets do offer the finest selection of fresh meats and produces, they also offer something a little more unique. Aside from the food aspect each Local Fresh Market has rows and rows of booths selling a variety of clothing and personal items. Whether it be shoes, jeans or even handbags these plentiful markets are where the locals shop and as such provide many household necessities at decent prices. So next time you are looking for a new shirt or a hand crafted souvenir to take home be sure to check your Local Fresh Market first!

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muslim market Nai Yang

Muslim Market Nai Yang

The Muslim Market Nai Yang is located near the Nai Yang Mosque, close to the Sirinat National Park,

Local Market Thalang

Local Market Thalang

For many people, local markets are one of the allures of Thailand, and at least part of the reason s

Malin Plaza Market

Malin Plaza Market

Friendly Thai people cooking and preparing dishes for you for cheap prices, starting around 50 Baht.

Local Market Cherngtalay

Local Market Cherngtalay

Visiting one of the local markets in Phuket can be the ideal way to unwind from the stress of traffi

Thai Nai Yang market

Thai Nai Yang Market

Thailand is filled with markets that are open day and night, usually one or the other, and on Phuket

Local Fresh Market Bangtao

Local Fresh Market Bangtao

If there is one thing Phuket is notorious for it would have to be the abundance of fresh and weekly

Sapan Hin Food Market

Sapan Hin Food Market

Sapan Hin Food Market, Phuket Town, Thailand: The Sapan Hin food market is a fresh food market in Ph

Fresh goods shops

Fresh Goods Shops

Fresh Goods shops: 5 – 6 shops for fresh goods, everyday open. the source, if no market day.

banzaan market

Banzaan Market

The marketplace is open all day from 6am to 9pm, is divided into the fruit section, the meat section

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