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Being pampered with facial massage in Phuket is one of life’s great experiences, and perhaps nowhere is that more true than in here in Thailand. Many people, when vacation planning, will look at relaxing destinations and imagine themselves getting a facial massage at the beach with a cool breeze blowing, birds chirping, and an ice-cold pina colada within arms-reach. Few actually make sure they get the experience!

Phuket is ideal for pampering at spas along the beach, in town, or in the heart of Patong Beach with dozens of cozy getaways designed to invigorate you.

Massage prices at small shops in town or at the beach range from an average of 300 to 600 THB per hour, depending on the type of massage and location. At some of the luxury resorts on the beaches, you can expect to pay more than 2,000 THB per hour, but the difference between that experience and sitting in a little shop in the middle of town, is great!

One thing to know about little shops offering facial massage in Phuket is that the staff may or may not be trained at all. One company’s idea of a facial massage doesn’t usually match another’s, and the range of quality, the range of experience is vast and you will sometimes be disappointed in small shops. That isn’t to say that nice experiences cannot be had, but you will really get what you pay for in Phuket – in every area. If your budget for facial massage in Phuket is 3,000 THB for your vacation, you are probably better off getting two 1,500 THB massages than ten 300 THB massages. You know?! The quality massages are phenomenal. The cheap facials are… meh.

How can you find a good quality facial massage on the island if you’re not at a luxury resort on the beach? Online, of course, but here’s another way. The high-end massage spas tend to have a dark traditional teak wood look to their building. It’s usually a separate structure, unlike any of the surroundings. It is usually dark brown, or dark orange, and almost always made of teak. There is usually separate parking for customers, and you will see Thais with money in the building, not just tourists in tank tops and Daisy Duke’s cutoff shorts!

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baan jira Two

Baan Jira Two

Baan Jira Two Massage Bangtao Phuket.

Coconut massage bangtao

Coconut Massage Bangtao

Coconut Massage Bangtao in Bangtao.

coconut tree

Coconut Tree Massage

Coconut Tree Massage: Coconut tree is another massage shop. Prices are per hour and depend on type o

Dang Massage

Dang Massage

Dang Massage is a small massage salon in the Lagoon area.

Nai Yang Massage

Nai Yang Massage

Nai Yang Massage: Nai Yang massage is located on the Nai Yang beach road. Price per hour: 300 – 600

Thai massage

Thai Massage

Thai massage: prices depend on type of treatment and starts with 300 Baht per hour.



Daow Massage: Daow massage is is another massage salon on the Nai Yang beach road. Price per hour: 3


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