Nai Yang Beach

Nai Yang Beach


Nai Yang beach is a three-kilometre long strip of soft sand located just south of Mai Khao, the northwestern beach in Phuket. Nai Yang is situated a few minutes drive from Phuket International Airport. Nai Yang’s beachfront comprises three main parts, each of them with their own particular characteristics.

The northern section of Nai Yang’s beachfront is part of the Sirinat National Park. This status prohibits the presence of any commercial activity in this protected space. Covering an area of two square kilometres, this splendid park is a beach forest composed of a large variety of trees including tropical almonds, common ironwood, and screwpines, just to name a few. It’s perfect for relaxing strolls under the shade of the trees.

Just south of the park is the main Nai Yang Beach. It houses a lively scene made of over 20 restaurants and bars, massage parlours, convenience stores, adiving centre, banking booths, a pharmacy, and bespoke tailor shops, in fact, all that’s required to spend an agreeable holiday in tropical paradise. In its central part, Nai Yang beach is about 30-metres wide and in high season, a great place to sunbathe and swim.

Heading south, two resorts separated by a river are settled in a verdant area. The southern end of Nai Yang Beach also belongs to the national park. It features a cape with a small rocky beach facing mangroves growing in the water in front of an islet. It’s a very pleasant off-the-beaten-track place.

Important for the local community, two weekly fresh markets are held alternatively in Nai Yang. The largest one is a typical Thai market at which you could find almost anything, from clothes to fresh fruit and vegetables to delicious street food. Held on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, it hosts about 100 stalls. The second is a small Muslim market dedicated more to fresh fruits and vegetables, meat, and fish. It also features ready-made snacks and is held on Mondays and Wednesdays. Both these markets start around 16:00 and finish after sunset.

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