Koh Lipe

Koh Lipe is one of a few islands about 53 kilometers off the coast of Satun Province in Thailand’s far south. Air miles from the closest point in Phuket is over 170 km. away, but the best way to go to Koh Lipe is by vehicle from Phuket, down National Highway 4, through Trang province and into Satun Province, where you can book a tour. Koh Lipe is located off the coast where the Mu Ko Phetra National Park is located and 34 km. to the west of the island called Ko Karutao. To the north of Koh Lip Island is Koh Adang, and to the northwest is Ko Ra Wi.

The trip by vehicle from Patong Beach to the Satun coast is about 404 km. and will take about 7 hours of driving to reach it. From there you will take a speedboat to Koh Kipe Island. If you want to travel by sea, there is a ferry leaving Phuket daily at 6:30 am and arriving in Koh Lipe at 4:30 pm. Ten hours of travel time over the water, and this ferry only runs from November 1 to April 30 each year because the other months the sea is to rough.
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