Nai Thon

Nai Thon Phuket is located on the North West side of Phuket and only a five minutes drive from Bismarcks Paradise (Luxury Villas Phuket). Approaching Nai Thon from the North leads to the "only street in town" which helps you to explain to your friends which spot on the never too crowded beach you will be. It is easy … coming from the north to your right is the beach and to your left are the various restaurants and beach shops facing the beach (we counted 13).

Nai Thon Nightlife is pretty much not existing this might be one of the reasons travellers and holiday makers alike choose to stay here. There a view spots where you can hang out. But to dive into Patong's nightlife and entertainment it will you take you one way around 50 minutes. Or you visit Nai Yang, there are about 20 Bars in the Bar street.
Along the street

Along The Street – Foodstalls

Food stalls along the street: In Nai Thon, Phuket, you will find about 15 food stalls along the stre

Asian Shooting Range

Asian Shooting Range

One of the most unique things about Phuket is the abundance of tourists spots, cultural attractions

ATM Kasikorn Bank

ATM Kasikorn Bank

ATM Kasikorn Bank: ATM Kasikorn Bank has a standard ATM station in Nai Thon, Phuket, Thailand


Baan Phutawam

Baan Phutawam Restaurant: Baan Phutawam is a typical Thai restaurant in Nai Thon, good dishes, speci

Ban Thai school

Ban Thai School

Ban Thai school is a local school for children from Nai Thon

Banana Beach

Banana Beach

Rapidly becoming one of the world’s most desired tourist spots, Phuket has many beaches, islands and

chu sak

Chu Sak Massage

Chu sak: Chu sak massage is another massage salon in Nai Thon. Prices are per hour and depends on ty

coconut tree

Coconut Tree Massage

Coconut Tree Massage: Coconut tree is another massage shop. Prices are per hour and depend on type o

Coconut Tree Restaurant Nai Thon

Coconut Tree Restaurant Nai Thon

Coconut Tree Restaurant Nai Thon: There is not a lot to say about this restaurant. It is another typ


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