Nai Thon

Nai Thon is located on the northwest side of Phuket Island, just a short five-minute drive from Bismarcks Paradise (Luxury Villas Phuket).

Approaching Nai Thon from the north leads you to the 'only street in town' which helps you to explain to your friends which spot you’ll be at on the never-too-crowded beach. It makes things easy which is the main idea in most parts of Phuket: easy going, no stress and no worries!

As you come from the north, the beach is on your right and to your left are various restaurants as well as beach apparel and souvenir shops facing the beach. We counted thirteen shops as we drove by.

Nightlife in Nai Thon is pretty much non-existent. This might be one of the prime reason international travelers, and local holiday visitors alike, choose to stay in this quiet area. If you find yourself craving for action, the drive down to Patong Beach’s nightlife and entertainment center will take you around 50-minutes one-way. Pretty substantial! Even more so if you’re paying for a taxi to get there. An alternative would be to head over to Nai Yang Beach bar street area where there is a fewdozen bars to choose from.

There are some great places to eat in Nai Thon, and the Coffee Ice Cream and Cake Shop is just one example. Located at the Naithonburi Beach Resort, just a few minutes down the road from Bismarcks Paradise, this lovely bakery has perfect desserts and good service. This is an air-conditioned bistro with both indoor and outdoor seating with reasonable prices, considering the great-tasting treats.

For dinner, head over to the Nai Thon Beach Club, one of our favorite places to dine when we’re in town. This is a cozy little Thai-German restaurant serving delicious portions at reasonable prices. Don’t forget the cocktails!
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