Nai Yang

Just a few minutes south of Phuket International Airport (HKT) is a 2-kilometer-long (1.2 miles) strip of sand called Nai Yang Beach. This beach isn’t known for being so scenic or for the many things to do, it is another of the mellow and laid-back beaches along the northwest coast of Phuket. You won’t find many tourists here, which could be exactly what you’re looking for. The town isn’t well-developed, this is a low-income Thai village called Ban Wang Li.

The northernmost half of Nai Yang Beach has many pine trees, offering welcoming shade from the hot midday sun. This is the southern border of a large park called Sirinat National Park. Vendors and stores are not allowed on the beach in this area, no commercial activities of any sort are tolerated here, so it is quite a quiet area.

The central area of Nai Yang Beach has a white sand beach bordered by a nice selection of beach-style (unassuming) restaurants, bars and beach apparel convenience stores. To the south are three large resorts (Coqoon Spa - The Slate, Nai Yang Beach Resort & Spa and Ruan Mai Naiyang Beach Resort) separated by a river and surrounded by lush vegetation, with a mini cape and a tiny islet marking the southern end of the beach, overlooked by the Phuket Marriott Resort & Spa.

There is also some nightlife at Nai Yang, a lot of it actually! In the south part of Nai Yang is 'Bar Street' on which there are about twenty clubs and bars to choose from. You’ll generally find Thais and expats here at night.

Where to Stay in Nai Yang?

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