Acqua Restaurant Kalim

Tourist Attraction Kalim, Phuket, Thailand

Acqua Restaurant Kalim in Kalim is just 29.4 km (or 47 minutes) away from Bismarcks Paradise Phuket luxury villas resort.

Acqua Restaurant Kalim belongs to the TOP International Restaurants in Phuket.

Acqua Restaurant Kalim is the first of a series of restaurants designed by Alessandro Frau, as Alessandro dedication for culinary doesn’t stop to cooking but also to the project and design of restaurants and concepts.

The Acqua Restaurant Experience offers a wide range of creations focused on a very attentive selection of ingredients (local, but mostly international), as Chef Alessandro thinks that certain places are best for their specialties and seasons; and the ideal is to reach every places in the world so as to get their best. From Sicilian red prawns, to Puglian burrata cheese, to Sardinian sea urchin, to the best French oyster, the best American lobster and the best seafood in Phuket and on an international scale, the search for new and the best ingredients is never ending as it’s the base of the best Italian cuisine.

Acqua Restaurant is one of the most Award Winning Restaurant in Phuket and Thailand, present in all the major restaurants guides in Asia such as Thailand Tatler Best Restaurant Guide, Miele Asia Finest Restaurant Guide and others. Chef Alessandro Frau was also the Winner of Iron Chef Thailand on November 2013. Acqua Restaurant was awarded, from 2010 to today, from Wine Spectator the Award of Excellence as one of the Best Wine List in the world and as one of the Best Wine Selection in Phuket. In 2013 Acqua Restaurant was recognized as one of the Best Italian Restaurant in Phuket and Thailand from Ospitalita’ Italiana in the World.

Bismarcks review of Acqua Restaurant Kalim:

The menu contains a mixture of Italian & International cuisine (even Pizza is available). There are 6 tables outside and about 10 tables inside (air-con).

We tested:

Pizza Margarita: good, backed in perfection in an Italian pizza oven for 340 Baht

Main Course:
Mediterranean sea-bass cooked in Vermentino wine, fresh artichokes, potatoes, cherry tomatoes and capers.
Grilled spiced octopus on a trilogy of rosemary potatoes and Burrata’s “stracciatella”

Both meals were good, but not outstanding.

Sicilian “Cannoli” stuffed with sweet ricotta cheese, candid orange chocolate shavings in the Marsala flavored Cannolo.
Chocolate and Gorgonzola mousse with pear ice cream.

The cannoli were good, the mousse was outstanding.

Water ok, beer standard, Wine selection excellent (we choosed the Bodega Piedra Negra Malbec Reserva 2012 from Argentina), coffee good.

modern style (metal/plastic), seats outside not very comfortable, and the garden isn’t well maintained.

really good

The total bill including VAT and Service charge for 2 persons was around 8,000 Baht.

Summary: If you compare price, quality and ambiance….it is too expensive for what you get.

BTW:  Another highly recommendable restaurant in Kalim is Ethos Restaurant & Lounge which is located a few 100 meters after the Acqua Restaurant Kalim (coming from Patong)

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Acqua Restaurant Kalim
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