Baan Suan Layan

Tourist Attraction Layan, Phuket, Thailand

Baan Suan Layan in Layan is just 10.7 km (or 20 minutes) away from Bismarcks Paradise Phuket luxury villas resort.

For those of you who are staying around the Laguna area and are craving for some good wholesome authentic Thai cooking, you should definitely make your way to Baan Suan Layan, a small local restaurant located on a small lake between Layan and Nai Thon that serves up some of the best local cuisine this side of the kingdom.

Situated on a peaceful and relaxing manmade lake, Baan Suan Layan provides customers some of the most mouthwatering dishes Phuket has to offer. Their menu is full of traditional dishes that have been expertly executed by their chef as well as a wonderfully diverse drinks list, including some rather tasty cocktails. The restaurant itself is huge with comfortable seating and lots of space, so you don’t feel like a sardine crammed in a can while you are dining. The staff are very friendly and welcoming, although you might need to ‘wave’ a few times if you want to order additional items or drinks. The atmosphere by the lake is that of another world, so calming and soothing that you almost forget you are in a restaurant in Thailand’s busiest province. For those with small children, there is even a play area to keep them entertained while you eat. The most unusual aspect of Baan Suan layan is their ‘oddly’ unique restrooms that look like something out of The Hobbit; but don’t worry, they are much cleaner than what you will find in middle earth!

So whether you are looking for a delicious home cooked meal or just a secluded place place to sit and relax, while sipping on a refreshing cocktail or cold beer, visit Baan Suan Layan and experience the true tastes of Siam.

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Baan Suan Layan
Baan Suan Layan
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