Banzaan Market

Tourist Attraction Patong, Phuket, Thailand

Banzaan Market in Patong is just 33.2 km (or 57 minutes) away from Bismarcks Paradise Phuket luxury villas resort.

There are so many market around Phuket and while they differ slightly the majority of them all look the same. However there is one market that stands out from the rest, the world renowned Banzaan Market. Famous all over Thailand, this unique fresh market has provided customers with top quality products in a clean and friendly environment since 2011.

Located in Patong, right behind the Jungceylon shopping centre, this massive fresh market is composed of two floors. The top floor is a large food court selling all manner of fast and cart-style Thai food. You won’t find any McDonalds or Subway here but you will be spoil for choice with the many different local cuisine choices. The rest of the top floor is full of little kiosks selling clothes, shoes, children’s toys, and even a shop selling artificial flowers. The whole area is very spacious and clean compared to the hustle and bustle of the lower floor; it’s a relatively quiet place to sit and have lunch.

The first or main floor of the Banzaan Market is where you will find a cornucopia of fresh foods, spices and meats. With rows and rows of the finest fresh produce brought in daily, this is where a lot of the top restaurants in Phuket do their shopping. The overflowing bins of brightly coloured fruits and vegetables are all brought in daily and sold at prices much cheaper than any grocery store. The back section is where you’ll find all the meats, brought in straight from the farmers and butchered to order. There are also several small stores dotted along the back where you can buy high quality fresh spices in bulk. Much like the top floor, the whole market is very clean and the stall owners are all very friendly.

While the indoor aspect of the Banzaan Market is only open from 7am until 6pm, the outside comes alive as the sun goes down with hundreds of locals setting up their stalls offering a wide range of cooked food, clothing and touristy trinkets. The bright lights and upbeat music pumping out give off such a fun and exciting atmosphere, it’s almost like the whole street is throwing a party.

One of the most unique feature of the Banzaan Market is the that the popular Thai radio station operates out of the top. There is also a very important Chinese shrine located at the front of the Market, called the Hok Siean, that plays a pivotal role in the annual Vegetarian Festival. With so many wonderful aspects of this truly unique market we definitely think it should be at the top of your Phuket bucket list!

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Banzaan Market
Banzaan Market

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