Bike Week Phuket Town

Tourist Attraction Phuket Town, Phuket, Thailand

Bike Week Phuket Town in Phuket Town is just 29.9 km (or 48 minutes) away from Bismarcks Paradise Phuket luxury villas resort.

Bike Week Phuket Town, Thailand

The Bike Week Phuket Town is an annual event on the Island of Phuket, Thailand.

In the period around the Thai New Year’s celebration (Songkran), you will hear the roar of motorcycles wandering throughout the streets of Phuket Town. Just a day after the bikers have enjoyed three days of all kind of entertainment, from live music to cowboy shows and the Miss Phuket Bike Week pageant at the Loma (Dolphin) Park on Patong Beach, the caravan moves on to the “Anuphas courtyard” near Phang Nga Rd in Phuket Town for more.

This all started as a “grease monkeys” party 22 years ago, where two motorcycle clubs, the Phuket Rider and the Sun of Chewa, would meet at Mitrapap Beach or Friendship Beach (as it is known today) on an open field for a bit of fun; they were also joined by a few tourist bikers who happened to be on the island at the time. Through the years this “get together” has transformed itself into the big festival that it has become nowadays with around 10,000 bikers and 50,000 spectators expected every year!

Supported by the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) among others, this annual Phuket Bike Week event (covering two weekends), with “Ride Together Asean” as its motto, could not be possible without the Ride Thailand Magazine, which refers to itself as the best biker’s magazine of South East Asia.

The Motorcycle Festival kicks off on Friday around 13.00 with various exhibitions and open food stalls, as well as beautiful girls promoting the bikes from Harley Davidson, India, Honda, BMW, Yamaha, Ducati … and so on. Live Music starts at 17.30 until midnight, only interrupted by the welcome speech of the Phuket Bike Week Association, the exchange of club flags and to honour individuals for their contribution to increasing and upholding the safety standards for all participants on the road. You can join the Bikers and participate in the convoy around Phuket Town to promote “Safe Riding: Helmets on Heads and Lights on Bikes”.

The 23rd anniversary of this event is already being planned to take place from the 14th to the 16th of April 2017 on Patong Beach, and in Phuket Town on the 22nd of April, right around the same time then the the full moon, which happens to be when the annual Songkran festival takes place.

* There are two Bike Weeks in Phuket: one in Phuket Town and one in Patong.
If you want to know more about the one in Patong, please look for more information at “Bike Week Patong“, or watch the “Bike Week in Patong Video“.

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Bike Week Phuket Town
Bike Week Phuket Town

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