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Tourist Attraction Koh Lon, Phuket, Thailand

Koh Lon Island is easy to reach by longtail boat from Phuket Island’s east coast. This island is just 3.2 kilometers (2 mi.) away from Chalong Pier on Phuket’s east side.

At its longest point, Koh Lon is 3.7 km. (2.3 mi.) long and 1.8 km. (1.1 mi.) wide – making it one of the largest islands off the coast of Phuket. Because of this, there are many beaches to cover. We have a look at four beaches on Koh Lon East Side in below (Part 1) video, and four more Koh Lon West Side beaches in the Part 2 video.

Y Deang Beach was our first stop, it’s on the west side of the island and facing south. This is a smaller beach at just 250 meters (273 yds.) long. It is usually deserted, just like the video shows.

Bamboo Beach is at the center of the southern coast and is quite small and typically barren. Other islands are viewable from this spot. The water is shallow and covered with coral, but there is a spot to swim in the shallow.

Kwan Beach is hundreds of meters long on the southern coast and far to the east side of Koh Lon. Kwan Beach is set in a lovely bay. There are some buildings in the center of the beach, and there were people there on beach chairs. We decided it was a privately-owned residence. Unsure really!

Accommodation are rather limited, considering how large this island is. There are two main resorts on the scenic north coast and a smaller private villa on the northeast coast. Ban Mai Cottages and Restaurant is found on the northwest coast. They have some good ratings and some not so good. If you’re looking for a cheap place to stay, this would be a good choice. The beach is rocky and not ideal. Some reviewers complained about less than excellent food and service.

To the east of Ban Mai is another resort, Cruiser Island Resort. They have seaside bungalows around a swimming pool and the location is private. The beach at Cruiser Island is nice, and they have a pier to facilitate travel to other islands or back to Phuket.

Sea & I Private Villa is on the northeast side of Koh Lon and you can rent out a house there by going to AirBnB.com. The home accommodates up to six people and is around 12,000 Thai Baht per night. It is remote and quiet. There are no owners on-site but you will have a phone and boat close by.

Tours to Koh Lon Island:
Because Koh Lon is only a few kilometers off southeastern coast of Phuket, you can just make your way to Chalong Pier and rent a longtail boat to take you to one of the piers on the north part of the island.

Koh Lon, like most of the smaller islands just off the coast of Phuket, is a snorkeler’s haven. Don’t forget to bring your gear!

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Koh Lon | East Side
Koh Lon | East Side

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