Local Market Cherngtalay

Tourist Attraction Cherngtalay, Phuket, Thailand

Local Market Cherngtalay in Cherngtalay is just 16.8 km (or 29 minutes) away from Bismarcks Paradise Phuket luxury villas resort.

Visiting one of the local markets in Phuket can be the ideal way to unwind from the stress of traffic and finding parking at the beach or the high prices at Phuket Central Festival. The local market Cherngtalay is basically for two things: food and clothes. Those two categories cover ninety-percent of everything you’ll see at the market. If you’re not in the mood for browsing around and looking at food or clothes, then you probably don’t want to waste your time at the Cherngtalay market. But you might!

There are still other things you can see there like cheap toys for kids as there are always some stalls setup for young children toys. The prices are super-cheap, even if the items are not made in Thailand, as they’re mainly made in China – and so also cheap. If you feel like you need to pick up something for friends or loved ones back home, the local market Cherngtalay can also be the ideal place to find souvenirs.

The market is gradually changing all the time. Sometimes there are artists selling sketches and paintings. Sometimes there are vendors selling electronics items like stun-guns and strong flashlights (torches). Other times you might find a lot of pets for sale – dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, sugar-gliders, turtles, fish or even chickens and chicks.

There are so many clothing stalls – many with used clothes. If you need to pick up a shirt for thirty Thai Baht, this is the place to go! Somehow the donated clothing from around the world makes it to Thailand where it goes up for sale.

The food is always incredible. You already know how good Thai street food is, well, this is the same. There are vendors for barbecued meat and seafood of every variety. There are drinks of all sorts, including Thai beer (Singha, Leo, Chang, etc.) and fruit smoothies of every fruit variety you can think of. There is roti for sale, fruits, vegetables and every fried thing under the sun – you can count on that. Thais can fry things you’ve never heard of, and you’ll certainly find some of that if you spend any time at the market.

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Local Market Cherngtalay
Local Market Cherngtalay
Local Market Cherngtalay

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