Malin Plaza Market

Tourist Attraction Patong, Phuket, Thailand

Malin Plaza Market in Patong is just 34.1 km (or 63 minutes) away from Bismarcks Paradise Phuket luxury villas resort.

Malin Plaza Market in Patong, Phuket, Thailand:

Malin Plaza market, a local food market located in Patong, offers a good variety of local food and halal foods. If authentic Thai street food is what you are looking for this place is where you should be. Grilled seafood, Thai snacks, etc. Food is definitely way cheaper than the ones found on the beach road.

Just go and eat to your heart’s content. What to expect? Nothing fancy. Friendly Thai people cooking and preparing dishes for you for cheap prices, starting at around 50 Baht. Fish, seafood, pad Thai, crepes/Thai pancakes, soups, Thai cuisine, chicken, beef among other stuff is what you will find here. Take a walk first, see what they offer, how they cook it and how they serve the food. There is a 7/11 across the street in case you want something else to drink. Behind the food-stalls are clothes and miscellaneous stalls, bargain for good prices.

I.E  150 baht buys you a good size fresh fish which might just be enough for 2 hungry hearts and the stall holder then seasons and char grills for you to perfection. Also, a good choice is Phad Thai, Khao man thai, a plate of tender juicy chicken, over the top of fragrant chicken flavored jasmine rice, served with a chili dipping sauce on the side? …Khao man gai is the Thai variation of Hainanese chicken rice, a dish that’s wildly popular … or papaya salad …  “Mai Peth” …not spicy … is the Thai word you want to use if you not familiar with how many levels of spiciness of Thai food has to offer.

The main part of the market is protected from the elements under a high metal roof, with the shops inside being semi-permanent and constructed from former shipping containers. These containers are well spaced, ensuring that the air under the roof remains cool and refreshing, though some shops go one step further and have windows, doors and air conditioning offering t-shirts, denim, beachwear, bags, luggage, spa products, mobile phone accessories and a good range of trinkets and souvenirs.

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Malin Plaza Market
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