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Nightlife Phuket? Most people come to Phuket for the sun and the beaches although there is also a large number that come for it's lively and vivacious Nightlife. With beer barscabaret shows, go-go bars, nightclubs, disco's, and a selection of live bands and renowned DJ's, it's no wonder this island's party scene is famous around the world.

Most popular Nightlife Phuket spots: While every town has their own party scene the most desired place to be when that sun goes down is Bangla Road in Patong. This thriving stretch of walking street becomes a party haven after dark with it's pounding bass lines, neon lights shooting out in all directions and variety of bars and clubs ranging from country music to EDM, you are sure to find the perfect spot to dance your night away.

For those who wish to experience a more "Asian" nightlife then Phuket Town is the place for you. While much different from the crammed streets and over crowded bars on Bangla, this historic town boasts a more relaxed and eccentric atmosphere that truly resonates a modern Thai culture.

As mentioned above, all towns and villages have their own small party scene. Whether it's a local karaoke bar or a German eatery with imported beers, the diversity of Phuket's Nightlife szene ensures that no matter where you visit you will find a selection of international establishments offering a variety of amenities and entertainments to suit your needs.

Check out a selection of Nightlife Phuket spots below., Where to eat in Phuket or which are the best Phuket restaurants? The vibrant Phuket restaurants scene justifies a visit to the island all on its own: Gastronomy is one of the main pillars of Thai culture, and it’s superbly represented in Phuket which, as an island, logically offers a great choice of seafood restaurants. Thai dining is able to please almost any epicurean attracted by exotic flavours, yet as one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world the island hosts an impressive array of international restaurants with many delicious dishes to discover - from street fare to five-star dishes.

General advice: When eating seafood please make sure that it is fresh. It should not smell bad, fish eyes should not be dry or not clear, and gills should be red. Prawns should not be soft. Extreme caution regarding mussels, should be closed when raw and open once cooked. (The best is when the restaurants keep the fish and seafood alive – you select it and they cook it fresh for you). We do recommend that you point out what exactly you want (which fish e.g.) and check the weight of the fish once they put it on the scale.

You can bring alcohol to any normal Phuket restaurant (excluding beer, they will have it and not allow you to bring it in). You can also bring soft-drinks they might not be offering (e.g. Diet Coke); however you have to make sure that the restaurant does not offer it before drinking your own.

Every Phuket restaurant offers beer, however if you should be in the mood of drinking wine or spirits we advise you to bring that with you. Bars/Clubs normally charge a small fee per bottle opened and you'll have to pay for the mixers.

Please note:

    • Muslim-owned restaurants do not offer any alcohol and don’t like to see if you bring your own. When a restaurant is located further away, make sure to call first and ask if they are open.
    • In case you plan to visit an unknown restaurant in Phuket, especially in the low (green) season, please call the restaurant first to re-check the opening hours.
Phuket restaurant reviews: We visit a lot of restaurants in Phuket on a regular basis. Our star rating translates as follows: 1* (star) = not good  –  5* (star) = excellent. Bon appetit!

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