In Villa Dining

A true culinary delight awaits you in your own villa kitchen, served by the pool.

Our well-qualified housekeeper buys the required ingredients for you and also cooks the dishes for you – as requested. The choice is sumptuous; more than 20 Thai dishes, various international dishes, breakfast as well as desserts. Various children’s dishes are also available. See the menu below.

Costs: Errand and Ingredients*


Selection of dishes from our menu


Panang Beef Curry

Pad Thai

Pad Thai Goong

Deep Fried Squid Garlic

Deep Fried Squid & Garlic

Yam Pla Muk

Yam Pla Muk

Cooking Course

If you want, you can watch your housekeeper while cooking or join her when purchasing the Ingredients: at the local market. A personal Phuket cooking class in your own pool villa.

Your maid can cook the following dishes for you

For translation see the menu (first part is Thai pronunciation)

  • Gai Pad Prik – Red Thai curry with chicken
  • Gai tod – Fried chicken (wings/legs)
  • Pad Pak Luam – Mixed Thai vegetables
  • Tot man Gung/Bla – Fish/Prawn-cakes (minced prawn/fish meat)
  • Pad si you Gung/Blamuck – Prawns/squid fried with noodles in soy sauce
  • Lab Mu/Gai/Nuea – Salad from minced pork/chicken/beef with Thai herbs.
  • Gung chup beng tod – Fried tempura prawns
  • Pad Prew Wan Gung/Gai/Mu – Prawns/chicken/pork sweet and sour
  • Blamuck Pad kratiam Prik Thai – Squid with garlic and pepper
  • Som Tam – Salad from green papaya with dried shrimps. Order with less chili
  • Gai/Gung/Blamuck Med Mamuang – Chicken/prawns or squid with oyster sauce and cashew nuts
  • Massaman Curry – Muslim Curry with chicken and potatoes
  • Gang Jued Tao Huu Moo Sab – Mildly-seasoned Soup with Tofu and minced pork or chicken
  • Chu Chee Pla – Dried red curry with fish, shrimp, pork or chicken
  • Nuea Pad Khing – Fried beef, chicken,shrimp or squid with ginger
  • Kao Pad Gai/mu/Nuea/Blamuck/Gung/Pu/Pakruam – Fried rice with chicken /pork/beef/squid/shrimp/crab or mixed vegetables
  • Yam Blamuck/Gung/Bla/Gai/Mu/Nuea – Spicy Thai salad with squid, shrimps, fish, chicken,Pork, Beef
  • Pad Prik Thai Dum – Fish, chicken, pork, beef or shrimp with black pepper
  • Blamuck/gai/mu/gung/pak tod kratiam prik thai – Battered squid, chicken, pork, shrimp or vegetables
  • Phanaeng mu/gai/nuea – Red curry with pork, chicken or beef
  • Tom Yum Gung/Bla – Thai soup with prawns or fish and Thai spices
  • Geng kiau wan Gai/nuea/Mu/Gung – green curry with chicken/beef/pork or shrimp
  • Pad Thai Gung/Gai/Blamuck/Mu – Noodles with prawns/chicken/squid or pork
  • Prewwan pla/gai/mu/blamuck/gung – Sweet and sour fish, chicken, pork, squid or shrimp
  • Tom Ka Gai/Gung – coconut milk soup with chicken or prawns
  • Pad si you Moo – Noodles in soy sauce with pork,
  • Pie Gai – Chicken pie
  • Gluy Thud – Banana Fritter
  • Mango with sweet coconut rice
  • Vienna Palatschinken
  • Vienna Waffeln


BBQ yourself or let us do it for you.

Costs: Only the food.


large-gas-grillThis type of grilling with a special system from New York with 800 degrees Celsius is hard to find even in Europe. It must be operated by our butler (for safety reasons). A true delicacy for meat lovers, especially with dry aged (treated for weeks) steaks.

Costs: Your own food* and 500 baht cost sharing.

* We have worked hard to stock the ingredients, as well as meat for the BBQ, see supplies below.


Free welcome gift in your private Phuket pool villa:

Pool Villa Welcome Pack

  • Flowers
  • Fruits
  • Drinks (Sprite, Coke, Diet Coke, Beer)
  • Butter, toast, jam, milk, drinking ice, coffee (capsules and grounded), tea, eggs, 1kg rice and 1 capsule coffee per day and adult.
Free basic kitchen equipment:

Soybean oil, sweet soy sauce, oyster sauce, sweet sauce, chilli sauce, ketchup, chicken sauce spicy, Maggi sauce, sugar, salt, seasoning powder Chicken, vinegar black, olive oil – extra virgin, black pepper, barbecue sauce, sweet flour, palm oil, flour bread, white vinegar, tom yum paste, maple syrup, icing sugar, oregano, Parmesan

Products in stock to buy

The following products are not easy to get, therefore we have these in stock, partially frozen:

Description Quantity Price (Baht)
Shrimps (ca. 8cm lang) 1kg ฿ 1000
Schnitzel (pork) 1kg ฿ 300
Australian Sirloin Steak, Black Angus 1kg ฿ 1000
Australian Sirloin Steak, Black Angus dry aged * 1kg ฿ 1900
Australian Cube Steak, Black Angus dry aged * 1kg ฿ 1500
Australian Fillet, Black Angus 1kg ฿1500
Raw pork Sausage 1kg (1 Stk. ca 120g) ฿ 360
New Zealand Lamb Fillet on request
Thailand pork filet 1kg ฿ 300
Bacon 1kg ฿ 400
bread crumbs (handmade) free if for Schnitzel
Chang Bier 24 cans at 0.33l ฿ 900
White Wine 4l Box ฿ 1050
White Wine, Viu Manent, Chile, 2016/7, Sauvignon Blanc, 12,5% 0.75l bottle ฿ 550
Red Wine 5l Box ฿ 1150
Red Wine, Stable hill private Bin G, SE Australia, Shiraz, 13,5% 0.75l bottle ฿ 550
Singha soda water 24 bottles 0.4l ฿ 220
Cola | Diet Coke | Coke Zero | Sprite 24 cans 0.33l ฿ 350
italian spaghetti 500g ฿80
Bolognese homemade for 2 persons ฿ 100
Rice 1kg ฿40
Nutella 200g ฿110
Langnese honey 250 ml ฿240
Swiss Muesli 500g ฿200
Caffitaly delicato decaf | espresso | Arabica 1 capsule ฿30

* Dry Aged: special treatment, see also “Beefen”

From the Austrian bakery

Description Quantity Price (Baht)
Rolls (pre-backed) 2 pcs ฿50
Rye Bread Loaf ฿ 180
Vinschgerl 1 pcs ฿70

Download In Villa Food Menu

You can download the full food menu including preparation and ingredients in PDF format below or from our downloads page.

In Villa F&B Menu (PDF)